Empresa de Software de Ricardo e Samara



  Empresa de Software de Ricardo e Samara is also known under the names:
unknown name ( 1973 ) ;
    RSP Companhias( 1976 ) ;
    DigiPower ( unknown year ) ;
    Eletrônica Som Video Cor ( 1982 ) ;
    Maquibal ( 1991 ) ;
    Maquisistem Ltda ( 1992 ) ;
    BinaryWork Corp. ( 1998 ) ;
    RSP Software ( 2003 ) ;
    RSPsoftware ( 2011 ) ;
    Bucaneiro Engineering (2011) ;
    Aurora Boreal (2097);
    Empresa de Software de Ricardo e Samara;


o bucaneiro pilhando a mulher dos outros

ESRS is maintained by and Samara, and we are creating development tools and utilities to Win32 and now Win64 since 1996 , we hope to generate bug free code running in a very fast environment generated by low level programming mixed with high level features of the very old VB6 and very new .Net framework Visual Studio 2008/2010 development tools

Now we are creating dlls and ocxs too when a machine with VB6 is available, yes I know that COM can be developed with C but I never tested it, then wait

Our work is related to research and experiments with new possibilities and new technologies


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