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Development of very fast kids and ActiveX OCXs , DLLs , .Net framework compatible components and utilities

And research on high speed code execution on Win32 and Linux , C programming , processors and DSP based code

Now PHP , HTML , Ajax and MySql based software too

And development by contract

The source code of our software is available by request




We want to thanks Winsite for providing more links to download our software

This is our Winsite page

(20/05/2051 18:19) We are working on MySql , PHP and Internet applications , fixing Zip ocx small bugs , adding soundtouch support to the MP3 ocx again ( I hate it )

Quote of the day:

"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place.
Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are,by definition, not smart enough to debug it."

RSP Clean Up 1.0.0  - as the name says it will clean up your system from some temporary files created during the execution of older versions of our controls , new releases avoid creating files in the temporary folder

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Checksum OCX updated (Sat Nov 04 09:47:44 2006) Recompilation and fixes in the sample project and update of the information available in the control , click here to download

New domain again (Tue Apr 18 10:12:26 2006) To avoid future problems with webhosting we are changing to a new domain , changing also the email to , and notice also that the site will be deactivated soon

New domain (Thu Mar 30 18:20:26 2006) Due to a problem with our web hosting company the site is down , and our new home is located at , we apologize for any inconvenience that it have caused

Valid emails: 

RSP Media OCX 1.7.4 Released (Sat Mar 18 10:57:44 2006) Added playback speed change , click here to download

RSP MP3 Player OCX 2.7.6 Released (Sat Mar 04 08:36:04 2006) Fixed bug when handling damaged id3v2 tags, in this case a damaged file can crash the control , click here to download

RSP Media OCX 1.7.0 Released (Wed Feb 08 09:26:26 2006) Added option to define the initial position and end position of the playback, only work for movie files , click here to download

License information updated (Thu Jan 19 09:41:07 2006) The license information was updated to allow the utilization of the controls in script code, click here to read

No bugs reported (Wed Jan 18 08:59:10 2006) No bugs reported in our controls in the last 3 months


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