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Development of very fast kids and ActiveX OCXs , DLLs , .Net framework compatible components and utilities

And research on high speed code execution on Win32 and Linux , C programming , processors and DSP based code

Now PHP , HTML , Ajax and MySql based software too

And development by contract

The source code of our software is available by request




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(20/05/2051 18:19) We are working on MySql , PHP and Internet applications , fixing Zip ocx small bugs , adding soundtouch support to the MP3 ocx again ( I hate it )

Quote of the day:

"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place.
Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are,by definition, not smart enough to debug it."

RSP Clean Up 1.0.0  - as the name says it will clean up your system from some temporary files created during the execution of older versions of our controls , new releases avoid creating files in the temporary folder

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RSP Bzip2 Compressor OCX 2.0.0 released (Thu Nov 15 12:12:48 2007) : Added the new Bzip3 format, the new Bzip3 format can compress files up to 2^63 or 9.223.372.036 gigabytes and has also MD5 as the integrity check , also stores attributes and file time , the Bzip3 mode can be used with the functions CompressBzip3 and DecompressBzip3 , use the old Bzip2 mode only if you really need Bzip2 compatibility , the old Bzip2 mode has a file size limit of 2 GB , notice also that a Bzip3 file is not a Bzip2 and vice-versa , both formats has different headers , the Bzip2 header is "BZh" and the Bzip3 header is "RSPB", click here to download 

RSP GZip Compressor OCX 2.0.0 released (Wed Nov 14 09:09:52 2007) : Released a new version of the Gzip ocx , Added a new powerfull compression method , the Gzip2 , this new format can compress files as large as  2^63 bytes or 9.223.372.036 gigabytes and has also MD5 as the integrity check , and it is faster than the old Gzip method , due to the release of this format there is no reason to use the old Gzip method ,  click here to download

RSP CD-DVD Burn 1.1.0 application available ! (Mon Nov 05 09:24:15 2007) : Released also as an application in this link

RSP CD-DVD Burn DLL 1.1.0 released ! (Sun Nov 04 10:34:39 2007) : Added several functions , fixed a problem when creating multissession DVDs , many other modifications , click here to download

RSP CD-DVD Burn DLL 1.0.0 released ! (Fri Oct 26 18:12:23 2007) : This is a Win32 DLL to burn , erase , fix , test , list , count , and retrieve information from CD/DVD/BD (Blu-ray) media and drives , it can create single session and multi session CDs , it has support to create the file system in Joliet , Rock Ridge , iso9660 and UDF (DVD) format , click here to download

RSP Virtual Drive 1.0.0 released ! (Wed Oct 10 20:37:23 2007) : This application can create and remove  virtual drives on the system , click here to download

RSP Floppy Image 1.0.0 released ! (Sat Oct 06 11:11:43 2007) : Released an application to create images from floppies and reconstruct floppies from images , it is very easy to use , click here to download 

RSP Floppy Format OCX released (Tue Oct 02 16:51:35 2007) : Released a new control to format floppies or removable disks like Zip drives, it is very easy to use and it access the same files used by windows to format drives, click here to download

RSP OGG Vorbis Encode OCX 1.7.0 released (Wed May 16 20:48:27 2007) :  Fixed a bug in the pause and resume code that can make the control crash when cancel is called , click here to download.

RSP MP3 Encoder OCX 1.0.0 released (Mon May 14 20:28:33 2007) :  Released a new control to encode mp3 files , it has support to ID3 tags v1 v1.1 and v2 , it can pause resume and cancel the execution, it is very easy to use and very fast , click here to download. 

RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 2.0.0 released (Wed May 09 13:39:22 2007) :  Fixed a bug in the control that make the ocx crash during the utilization of some of the apis exported , fixef a bug that will make the ocx crash during the termination of the application , removed the event that auto detect the cd change, it was not working as expected , in the future when the code work as expected it may be added again , removed the function that will select the aspi mode to be used , changing it requires a reinitialization of the dll that makes the aspi access , to avoid problems it was removed , notice also that the aspi access will make different ways to access the cd hardware and will use the first that is able to access and retrieve the cd information and data, this is an autodetection mode and work pretty well, click here to download.


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