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Looking for not so usual bugs of our software some people say

Friends or Foes:

Wed Apr 03 17:46:16 2013, by papagaio4:

Begin of the fix of the Arabian MP3 DLL {0b11111011101}
We initiated today the process of fix of the SDL library that is part of the DLL in order to avoid the know issues when running the DLL in win7

Partial fix of the Arabian MP3 DLL {0b11111011101}
The release sr_3.3.607_build_000C00005877_b.rar has the partial fix to work in win7 but fullscreen is not working yet, will be fixed someday

BE Arabian MP3 only work on win XP at this moment {0b11111011101}
The problem in the SDL library that is causing the crash during the window resize in win7 can only be fixed if the SDL is modified and I cannot do it at this moment, for the moment use the release 3.3.569 in winxp or below, sorry

BE Arabian MP3 Bug not fixed yet {0b11111011101}
What is new in sr_3.3.603_build_000C00005873_.rar
Due to a crash during the resize of the main video player window in win7 now the dll can be used for the moment to create an audio only player, the video player will be fixed soon.

BE Arabian MP3 Bug {0b11111011101}
If you try fullscreen or minimize the sample application in win7 the application crash, it will be fixed soon

A happy new year {0b11111011101}
Me and Samara wish you a happy new year, but sincerelly I doubt that we will have a better year than 2012

BE Arabian MP3 DLL cannot play variable framerate video files yet {0b11111011100}
This limitation will be removed soon
Download link for our latest updated project

New release of the BE Arabian MP3 DLL {0b11111011100}
Small changes in the copyright
Direct download link:

Change in the name of the company again {0b11111011100}
Updated the name of our company, that will never change again.
Download link for our latest updated project, the Arabian MP3 DLL:
Direct download link:

The new features of the BW Arabian MP3 DLL {01100}
Now the DLL can play audio and video perfectly and using low processor usage as any other media player based on Libav
Give it a try...

The best release of the MP3 DLL {01011}
Now all formats supported by ffmpeg are included, video playback will follow
Click here

A new interesting useful tool {01011}
mv_build can generate and increase build numbers, it will be used from now on in every new release, you may find it useful too
mv_build, don´t forget to refresh the window

gcc 4.6.x is unstable {01011}
gcc 4.6.x is not creating dlls correctly, it compiles but may generated invalid object code
Download type make bucaneiro
The project compiles but the dll is invalid and will crash
Stay with gcc 4.5.2 for the moment

How to make the MP3 DLL crash {01011}
Download this file httP:// , compile the DLL without ENABLE_BUCANEIRO_FLV_AVI_HACK, and play the damaged mp3 twice
If you know how to modify MADlib to fix this problem anyone interested in mp3 playback on the planet want to hear from you

/*some day I will document all the variables and functions used in this dll*/

Documentation is being added {01011}
What is new in the version 1.9.8 build 2080
C source code now documented with doxygen, small modifications.

About the lack of documentation {01011} Our software is so simple that documentation is not important but we will add in the far future, thank you for moticing.

Improvements on the BE MP3 DLL {01011} To favor the playback of very damaged MP3 files (the Internet is fulfilled with this), now the DLL (not the OCX) will detect FLV and AVI media files to avoid the problem of crash in case of mixed MP3 data and video, then it will try to decode and play any data as MP3, starting at version 1.9.7 .

News for the amazing BE MP3 DLL {01011} What is new in the version 1.9.6 build 2077 Enabled again SoundTouch since I am unable to reproduce the bug again, removed the limitation of 18,83 minutes of playback of AAC, MP4 or OGG Vorbis if you call the function BucaneiroMemoryOverride, this limitation occur because the memory size limit for these media files is 200000000 bytes, but use it wisely, notice also that UseOldFileBufferMode and UseSmartFileBufferMode are irrelevante now since the buffer mode now is the standard fopen based, major minor modifications.

Updates of the MP3 DLL {01011} What is new in the version 1.9.4 build 2074 Disabled soundtouch because a memory problem was detected 15 days ago, yet the problem of crash with a specially crafted MP3 was not fixed ( but I already have a clue ).

Be prepared {01011} Bucaneiro Engineering will introduce today a new compression format that will become the definitive packer technology

Problem on the MP3 DLL {01011} SoundTouch has problems that was only detected the last week, it is disabled at this moment, we will enable it again when the problem become fixed.

Change on the license {01011} We asked SourceForge and they allowed us to sell licenses of our software with software hosted at sourceforge, soon you will also not only download and use and see the sources but also purchase licenses of our splendid software
To avoid problems in the future go now to sourceforge and download a copy of the older releases GPL 3, this way when we change the license (as usual) you will not lose anything.
It will change from GPL 3 to Shareware, then you will need to delete it from your system after 30 days.
This behaviour (controled by sourceforge) may change without notice in a near future (as usual) .

About our developers after the name change {01011} The company name has changed but all our developers are exactly the same, no changes, soon ok12 will be hacking here too.
Soon I will also create a definitive address also to ok12, for fast rapid and quick contact.

Solved the MP3 crash problem {02011} Latest release of the MP3 DLL will only handle MP3 files that has the forst MP3 frame at byte 0 after the ID3 v2 tag, it will avoid the problem that occur when a FLV file with MP3 data on it is played.

Improvements on the Zip DLL {10 Jun 2011}

We have figured out a way to use the LZMA compression on standards zip files, first it will zip the files in the store mode, then it will apply lzma on it, it will save the zip as zip.lzma, and the Zip DLL decompressor will handle this extension correctlyor detect the LZMA header before decompression, it will be available on the next release.

Our MP3 DLL is listed at CNET {01 Jun 2011 } This is a link to access our dll in the CNET directory

Get it from CNET!

Win64 DLL available for project rspzip {25 May 2011} Our zip utilities now have a port of Win64 DLL, soon will have full Unicode support outside and inside standard zip files
We are in the release version 0.1.1

The Albatros ( gzip ) project was updated {17 May 2011} Released the Win64 version of the gzip and gzip2 DLL, links to download

The mp3 dll was updated {Mon May 16 GMT 17:50:33 2011 , by arab} Finally the first release of the MP3 dll with support to Win64 was released
And now the 32 bits and 64 bits version of the DLLs are compiled only with GNU tools, they are mingw and mingw64
It is really like with a toy the conversion to win64 with GNU utilities, they work flawslessly and report any win64 conversion issues
I wonder why I only entered the Win64 bandvagon now
Well, just visit and download your copy now, and use it wisely

The passed week updates {Sun May 08 GMT 14:56:09 2011 , by arab} First of all, you can add a fast Unicode support to your software if you use the function GetShortPathNameW and convert short path to ansi, people say that the result filename will not contain Unicode characters anymore, and if you need to do this for a file that don´t exist yet, first create the file with _wopen or CreateFileW and use the same process on the empty file, but from my point of view this is not a real solution

The project chiah now has full Unicode support, sorry for the delay to add it, the rspini and impxmlv2 was updated, also rsppmp3 is full Unicode capable but only available on XP and C#, VB6 only if you figure out how to receive a Unicode filename string on it and utf8 encode it
The rest of our software will have this interesting Unicode support as I got time, and rsppmp3 soon will be able to play mp3 files larger than 2GB, during the development of the Uncode support we figured out how to using only msvcrt.dll add full support to large files, some of our software now compiled with the great (and weird) mingw will use this feature, indeed it is just a wrapper to _lseeki64 and _telli64 and then the use of the unbuffered file access, it work as expected as usual, for the moment I don´t remember what was modified also, but I will post it here if relevant, and now the readme.txt files from our software will have added the changelog, it is more easy to show what great improvements we are doing all the time

New improvements on the MP3 playback DLL {Sun Apr 24 GMT 19:45:19 2011 , by arab} We will add in the next week a possibility to convert on the fly and play mono files as stereo
It is based on a paper of a brazilian magazine called 'Nova Eletrônica' of the year 1980
The idea is simple, some audio frequencies go to the left channels while others go to the right channel
But to increase the stereo perception we will add a small delay usin the function EnableSurround2 that is already available at the MP3 dll
The result will be an almost stereo playback from a standard mono media file

The chiah project is helping the development of the LAME mp3 encode project {Sun Apr 24 GMT 19:21:13 2011 , by arab} During the development of the chiah project version 2.1.0 that depends on the fast resample code from the LAME project we detected a flaw in the line 581 of the util.c file, it is the code:

if (gfc->fill_buffer_resample_init == 0) {

gfc->inbuf_old[0] = calloc(BLACKSIZE, sizeof(gfc->inbuf_old[0][0]));

gfc->inbuf_old[1] = calloc(BLACKSIZE, sizeof(gfc->inbuf_old[0][0]));

for (i = 0; i <= 2 * bpc; ++i)

gfc->blackfilt[i] = calloc(BLACKSIZE, sizeof(gfc->blackfilt[0][0]));

gfc->itime[0] = 0;

gfc->itime[1] = 0;

/* precompute blackman filter coefficients */

for (j = 0; j <= 2 * bpc; j++) {

FLOAT   sum = 0.;

offset = (j - bpc) / (2. * bpc);

for (i = 0; i <= filter_l; i++)

sum += gfc->blackfilt[j][i] = blackman(i - offset, fcn, filter_l);

for (i = 0; i <= filter_l; i++)

gfc->blackfilt[j][i] /= sum;


gfc->fill_buffer_resample_init = 1;


After initiated the variable fill_buffer_resample_init will never be 0 again, and the allocated memory is never free but this is not the major problem, the problem is that itime variable will not be initialized to 0 in a new call to the encode process
This means that if you are using LAME as a dll for subsequent calls to the dll a click can be heard on the first samples of the resulted media file
But yet this is not the unique problem, the bpc variable is the result of a calculation and it may change from one call to another
You can fix the code if you want if you take a look in what we did in in our chiah project release 2.1.0 and above
Also at the line 638 of util.c (outbuf[k] = xvalue;) the value is not normalized in case of clipping ( values above 1 or below -1 ) it can add unexpected noise on the resulting media file too
This is the latest source of the LAME project available, if you want to update it to fit your needs
But remember, this only affect the LAME project if it is being used as a DLL

Solved the problems of ini files {GMT Sun Apr 10 20:49:57 2011 , by arab} New Standard C ini handling routines to solve some of the limitations of the windows ini apis WritePrivateProfileString and GetPrivateProfileString

Added also code to store binary data to standard ini files

replace WritePrivateProfileString and GetPrivateProfileString with write_ini_windows and read_ini and call me in the morning

int __stdcall read_ini(char*app_name,char*key_name,char*data,int len,char*ini_file);
int __stdcall write_ini_unix(char*app_name,char*key_name,char*data,char*ini_file);
int __stdcall write_ini_mac(char*app_name,char*key_name,char*data,char*ini_file);
int __stdcall write_ini_windows(char*app_name,char*key_name,char*data,char*ini_file);
int __stdcall get_error_string(int val, char*data);
int __stdcall read_ini_binary(char*app_name,char*key_name,char*data,int*out_len,char*ini_file);
int __stdcall write_ini_binary(char*app_name,char*key_name,char*data,int len,char*ini_file);

Chiah project updated with some great improvements {GMT Sat Apr 09 16:29:56 2011 , by arab} The fast resample code was replaced by the resample code used in LAME mp3 encoder
This resample mode uses a FIR filter and a blackman window, it is enouch for the majority of applications
Both fast and slow modes are ok, but use the fast mode only if you cannot use the high quality mode

Chiah project updated (GMT Thu Apr 07 20:03:47 2011 , by arab) The chiah project to resample wav files with a fast mode and a high quality mode was updated
Several enhancements and flaws fixed
But use the fast mode only if you cannot use the high quality mode, due to loss of quality on the resample

Important information about old releases of our software (GMT Mon Mar 21 13:27:28 2011) Older release of our software can parse and use standard paths or UNC paths like this without problems:
But it cannot handle paths like this:
We are already removing this limitation on new releases...

New xml enhancement project (/* GMT Sat Mar 19 19:44:24 2011 , by arab */) xml like based database storage with a faster approuch, it was created with the idea in mind of a faster xml utilization.

Weird Win32 behaviour (/* GMT Sat Mar 19 16:17:51 2011 , by arab */) Can someone explain why the code below don´t generate an obvious access violation?

Of course, only occurs on Win32

int main()



char t[1];






return -2;


Project has problems (14:06 20 February 2011) This win32 dll project using Lzma requires 200 mb of memory to run, while a correct Lzma compression work with only 50 mb of memory, the fix will follow

Project has limitations (13:34 20 February 2011) Our zip win32 dll has limitations and some small unfixed bugs, please read before using, notice that some of the limitations was fixed in this release

Project updated (20 February 2011) A severe bug was fixed on dll release 0.1.3 , the update to this release or above is mandatory to avoid the problem, the ocx release 2.0.4 or above requires the compilation of the dll project, it compiles with msvc6 or above, please, make several tests with various kind of files to be certain that the fix is correct

Project updated (20 February 2011) A severe bug was fixed on dll release 0.1.4 , the update to this release or above is mandatory to avoid the problem, the ocx release 2.0.4 or above requires the compilation of the dll project, it compiles with msvc6 or above, please, make several tests with various kind of files to be certain that the fix is correct

Picasso 1.2.6 build 0010 Released!!! {15 February 2011}
The Picasso project was updated today, sorry for the delay, take a look


Picasso updated {27 March 2010}
The Picasso project was updated today, take a look

Project Gzip updated {27 March 2010}
Project Gzip was updated today, take a look

Application to convert any image to JPG with very very good quality, updated {25 March 2010}
Picasso is a simple utility that can convert any image to any size with a very very good jpg converter, Microsoft technology

Most useful utility already developed {23 March 2010}
Useful to make coffe or tea

For fast developers {18 march 2010}
If you develop very fast these macros can help a lot

#ifndef uchar
#define uchar unsigned char
#define uint unsigned int
#define ulong unsigned long
#define ushort unsigned short

New release of the Gzip/Gzip2 DLL and OCX {18 march 2010}

2010-Mar-18 Alladin []
* 0.1.1 build 0003 - Full unicode support on the
Gzip2 method, in Gzip it will be added in the
next release, removed all the unnecessary
dprintfs after compilation (NPRINTF)

Download Gzip DLL and OCX and sources latest release only from this site:
Files and

New release of the Bzip2/Bzip3 DLL and OCX {12 march 2010}
Functions CompressBzip3 and DecompressBzip3
now has full Unicode support via utf-8, the
original bzip2 compression method will be
full Unicode in the next release

Download Bzip2 DLL and OCX and sources latest release only from this site:
Files and

Media OCX 202 released {11 march 2010}
Adjusted to work as GPL 3,added executables to
register and unregister the ocx, if Vista run this
as admin, with ffdshow installed it can play
perfectly .flv files

Download Media OCX and sources latest release only from this site:

longfile.c updated {11 march 2010}
longfile.c added function to set the end of files

Replacement for ANSI C fopen based file access {10 march 2010}
longfile.c has functions that can replace fopen based functions
It will give Unicode support via UTF-8 and support also to
files above 4GB
You only need to add it to your projects and replace some
of the code and voila, full Unicode support and large files

Consider this an Alladin gift

Checksum updated, DLL and OCX, very important modifications {10 march 2010}

2010-Mar-09 Alladin []
* 0.1.1 build 0003 - Full Unicode support via
utf-8 encode, full support to large file, the
dll is the same for the ocx and to the dll version
now to avoid possible future problems

Download Checksum DLL and or Checksum OCX latest release only from this site:
Files and

New release, Encrypt DLL Encrypt OCX {08 march 2010}

2010-Mar-8 Alladin []
* 3.5.1 build 0030 - Lots of improvements,
finished the sample project in .net,full
unicode support, the dll and ocx share the same
dll now.

Download Encrypt DLL and or Encrypt OCX latest release only from this site:
Files and

More improvements, MP3 DLL and OCX {05 march 2010}

2010-Mar-05 Alladin []
Encrypt_File and SaveStreamingFile has very small bugs yet
, bug fixed on EnableSoundTouch, documentation complete

Download MP3 DLL and or MP3 OCX latest release only from this site:
Files and

Lots of bugs fixed, MP3 DLL and OCX {04 march 2010}

2010-Mar-04 Alladin []
*1-fixed replaygain, compare sources to see where
*2-fixed setdebuginformation function , check decoder.c,
and compare sources
*3-fixed readonly bug in a source that I dont remeber now,
normalize function only write if the file ISNOT read only
4-some of the code is missing yet long file support ( above 1gb)
5-forced removal of dprintfs when possible
6-original modified version of mpeglib was lost, sorry, to
compile I need a clean version of msvc6, my version is incomplete
7-missing removal of only some of the debug information, don´t affect
execution, maybe a few processor cicles, I need more time to remove it

Download MP3 DLL and or MP3 OCX latest release only from this site:
Files and

ReplayGain bug, by Alladin {02 march 2010}
Bug found on all our software that uses ReplayGain (mp3 ocx and dlls), fixes will be available soon
Avoid using the volume normalization option for the moment

Something that don´t occur each day, by Alladin {10:22 PM 26 february 2010}
Precisei ligar para o patrão às 04:23 da manhã (26/feb/2010), entrou virus no computador...

I was obligated to call dad at 04:23 AM (fev/26/2010), the computer has a virus...

Problems... {21:10 PM 22 february 2010}
RSP Encrypt 3.4.4 not released today , maybe tomorrow, sorry for the delay ( Alladin )

Correction2... {8:56 AM 22 february 2010}
RSP Encrypt OCX 3.4.5 will be released at 21:00 PM if possible, it will be the best version in 18 years

Correction... {16:50 21 february 2010}
Instead of minutes a few hours will be required to the new release of the Encrypt OCX, too much small modifications required for perfect code with tips also on makefile and sources, anyway I am already working on it...

We are working on a new release of the Encrypt ocx with some very small speed improvements {15:28 21 february 2010}
New release will be available on a few minutes...

Unicode support at your request {20 february 2010}
Unicode support via utf-8 will only be added to our VB6 based ActiveX OCX and DLLs if you ask, thank you
We hope to receive one email from you asking for it as soon as possible.

Optimized debug function {19 february 2010}
Our new debug function, updated today, easy to remove debug information from code, use it at your own risk

/// <summary>

/// nova versão aprimorada do codigo de debug 

/// 19/02/2010

/// </summary>

/// <param name="data">a string para imprimir com DebugView</param>

/// <param name="filter">o filtro para mostrar somente a informação relevante</param>

public static void dprintf2(string data, string filter)





data = data + filter;




static extern void OutputDebugString(string lpOutputString);

New ReplayGain based software {17:23 domingo 3/Jan/2010}
Created a new project to normalize wav pcm files prior to mp3 or other encode using ReplayGain
ReplayGain is a good option to normalization and our mp3 ocx is using it for years now with very good result
Check the project at

Results from the compression research that has just started {18 de novembro de 2009}
With a question on stackoverflow I have discovered that Huffman encode can compress better than arithmetic encode, indeed depending on how it is implemented an optimal huffman table can compress any data to a single bit
For years I was thinking that it was only possible with arithmetic encode

stackoverflow question

New compression research project {16 de novembro de 2009}
This is a research project to possible improve compression using bwt, bwt is used on the bzip2 compression library and with some tweaks it can beat lzma( I supose )
The project has just started and we are already compressing better than the original Mark Nelson bwt sample code

New compression DLL {Mon Nov 02 18:07:05 2009}
Win32 DLL to compress memory or files using zlib, bzip2 or lzo , the integrity check is provided by crc32, can be extended to use MD5 instead

Visit StackOverflow {Tue Oct 20 15:26:53 2009}
StackOverflow is a must for people interested in programming secrets in all languages
Give it a try...

LZO compression ready to be used {Mon Oct 19 12:05:48 2009}
LZO is a portable lossless data compression library written in ANSI C.
Reliable and thoroughly tested.
High adoption - each second terrabytes of data are compressed by LZO.
No bugs since the first release back in 1996.
Offers pretty fast compression and *extremely* fast decompression.
Includes slower compression levels achieving a quite competitive compression ratio while still decompressing at this very high speed.
Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL v2+).
Commercial licenses are available on request.
Military-grade stability and robustness.

Just add the lines at main.c to your code and you will have LZO compression on your software

#include <windows.h>

#include <stdio.h>

int    lzo_uncompress (char *inbuf, int insize, char *outbuf, int *outsize);

int    lzo_compress (char *inbuf, int insize, char *outbuf, int *outsize);

#if 1

int main ()


int    ret;

int    sizeout = 0;

int    sizeout2 = 0;

static char inbuf[100000];

static char outbuf[200000];

static char uncompressed[100000];

//buffer need to be larger than the input buffer 

//because the data can be uncompressible

ret = lzo_compress (inbuf, 100000, outbuf, &sizeout);

printf ("Compressed %d\n", sizeout);

ret = lzo_uncompress (outbuf, sizeout, uncompressed, &sizeout2);

printf ("Uncompressed %d\n", sizeout2);

return 0;



Win32 encryption DLL released {Fri Oct 16 18:59:45 2009}
RSP Encrypt DLL released, it is the main encryption tool available, full Unicode support ( this release is missing file encryption support ) ,Unicode is done via utf-8 encode, next release will have more features, as usual it has RC4 and AES 256 as the encryption modes, recommended the CTR mode on AES for full security

Correctly handling Unicode in C# {Fri Oct 16 11:01:48 2009}
The best way to don´t lose Unicode data is to convert it to utf-8
utf-8 is a standard and it is easy to convert and the Windows apis work better with ansi strings
When possible always handle strings or file or path names as utf-8 and forget about the absence of Unicode support
At least this is the way we will handle it in future versions of our software

Small and fast database project started {Thu Oct 15 10:31:07 2009}
RSPdb is a tiny very fast database that was developed to be a replacement to ini files and xml when storing applications information, it is being developed to be small and fast and sql over it will be implemented as an extension

RSP AnyEnc Application released {Sat Oct 10 14:03:11 2009}
The compiled project ready to use is available, as the name says it is a ffmpeg based encoder/decoder with support to lots of formats, the input format is detected by extension, the basic controls are available it was generated to be very easy to use by any level of computer users
Click here

First fully functional version of RSP AnyEnc released (Sat Oct 10 12:11:47 2009)
2009-Oct-08 Arab []
* 0.1.3 build 0003 - First release capable
of converting files, notice that the latest
version of ffmpeg cannot convert flv files
correctly, use release SVN-r15986 instead,
download it from
make some tests and you will see that avi
files created from flv with the latest release will
be out of sinc when avi is xvid and audio is mp3
, more modifications will be added to the next

RSP Encrypt OCX 3.4.3 Released (Fri Oct 09 12:23:33 2009) Added full long files support ( above 2gb ), other minor modifications
Encrypt OCX Homepage

New release of the RSP Aspi (Thu Oct 08 11:38:19 2009)
2009-Oct-07 Arab []
* 0.2.1 build 0011 - Added code to load and
unload media

New release of the RSP Aspi (Wed Oct 07 13:50:14 2009)
2009-Oct-07 Arab []
* 0.1.6 build 0008 - Added code to set the
speed of the CD unit and retrieve the current
and max CD speed.

Give it a try

New release of the RSP MP3 DLL (Wed Oct 07 13:47:21 2009)
2009-Oct-06 Arab []
* 1.1.2 build 2005 - Added mode code to the
sample project

RSP Aspi updated (Tue Oct 06 12:00:56 2009)
2009-10-06 Arab []
* 0.1.0 build 0005 Removed the old Akrip
interface and initiated a new clean code
, the base code to access the drive is ready

RSP Zip Compress DLL updated (Fri Oct 02 07:47:39 2009)
2009-10-02 Arab []
* 0.0.1 build 0006 Updated the code to read
comments from zip file, now it is more
robust and faster

RSP Zip Compress DLL updated (Thu Oct 01 13:10:18 2009)
2009-10-01 Arab []
* 0.0.1 build 0005 Zip file comments support
now implemented

2009-10-01 Arab []
* 0.0.1 build 0004 - Added ability to extract
Zip64 zip files, two modes of unzip work
available , mode Unzip 5.5 or Unzip 6.0,
pause, resume and cancel not implemented
yet when using mode 6.0, ability to see
zip file comments not implemented yet

RSP Zip Compress DLL as usual updated (2009-09-30) ChangeLog

Arab []
* 0.0.1 build 0003 - Added all the required
function to zip, unzip, list and test
standard zip files, support to extended zip
files ( modifications PKware and Winzip
did to the zip format after 1997 ) are
already being added to the build 0004
to be released in a few days

RSP ASPI Updated (Wed Sep 30 08:16:16 2009) ChangeLog

2009-09-30 Arab
* For the moment when extracting data it
will be a wav file and if it is not a
valid audio CD the data is incomplete
, Click here!

New project on SourceForge (28 Mon September 10:45 2009) Win32 DLL and library to burn/rip/test/fix/erase CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD+R DL/BD-R/BD-RE, and eventually it is also a documentation and or tutorial to Adaptec ASPI, Click here!

RSP WAV Resampler 0.0.1 released! (Sun Sep 27 19:43:24 2009) New software to resample very fast and or with very good quality, very intuitive and can be embedded in any known encoder , Click here!

Sourceforge is hosting our files now (Sat Sep 26 11:13:23 2009) Sourceforge is hosting our files now (2009) and it is the preferred place to download our software since new releases will be uploaded first to there, Click here!

Listed on BrotherSoft (Fri Sep 25 15:54:25 2009) Our software is listed at BrotherSoft, Click here!

Released RSP Disk Format DLL 0.0.1 (Fri Sep 25 14:23:35 2009) Released w new Win32 DLL to format disks, it can format fat, fat32 and NTFS drives, it can format hard disks or removable media like USB flash drives, the sample project has the description about how to make the API calls, whole source code included for examination, Click here!

RSP Mixer DLL 0.0.1 build 0002 Released! (Fri Sep 25 09:21:51 2009) Released a new version of the Mixer DLL, now the whole source code is available in the package for examination, Click here!

BW Disk Format new release (Fri Sep 25 08:29:25 2009) Fabion requested a new release of this control and it will be available soon, his name will be RSP Disk Format 0.0.1, it will have different ways to format floppies and HDs

RSP Zip Compress DLL 0.0.1 listed on MyZips (Thu Sep 24 20:18:03 2009) Our Zip DLL utility is listed at MyZips, give it a try, Click here!

Easiest way to control the system mixer (Wed Sep 23 09:49:15 2009) Released a Win32 dll to control the system mixer
The system mixer apis are one of the most difficult to use due to obscure several call required to access and control the information, with this dll with a simple call you can get or set volume information, give it a try, clique aqui

Any problems with MSN ? (22 12:07 2009) MSN is always asking you to install a new client, no problem, anyone has Internet connection, but in some cases ( 3 with me ) it fails to install the new client or create problems like not showing the contact list in the new version, and it is obligated over you by Microsoft
If you don´t want to depend on Microsoft to logon on MSN I recommend to you, this application can logon on your MSN account and provide to you everything that you need from MSN and it is very easy to use, and access also other Networks, give it a try,
Payments via PayPal (Sat Sep 19 21:12 2009) We are accepting payments via PayPal also

Lacking Unicode support (Sat Sep 19 19:20:00 2009) Our latest releases don't provide Unicode support, sorry, we are already working on it, it will be available in a few hours
Win32 DLL for gzip compression/uncompression released (Sat Sep 19 17:56:47 2009) Released a very fast gzip Win32 DLL, it is embedded with a C# project for ease of use, it has also a new gzip2 compression mode, description:
This new format can compress files as large as 2^63 bytes or 9.223.372.036 gigabytes and has also MD5 as the integrity check
Give it a try, click here to download

Win32 bzip2 DLL released (Fri Sep 18 17:55:43 2009) A new DLL more easy to use than OCX and Vista compatible is available, OCX requires registration on Vista and this can be a problem, this is the reason we are generating only DLLs now, anyway with software like 'Make My Manifest' you can use OCX in Vista without registration but this is considered a hack, this DLL is a compliant bzip2 software, but it has also our own bzip3 format that is more powerful, it uses MD5 as integrity check and stores file information also, always use bzip3 unless you really need to use bzip2, this is the developer recommendation , click here to download

Win32 dll to generate checksums (Thu Sep 17 18:20:04 2009) Released in dll format software to generate the most used checksums, the checksum is generated as fast as possible implemented in very optimized C code, click here to download

Speed enhancement in the Checksum OCX (Sat Sep 12 10:22:10 2009) The release 2.8.3 of the Checksum OCX is 5 percent faster than old implementations, this is due to Mingw compilation being better than Microsoft VC6 compiler, click here to download

New release of the Zip ocx (Thu Sep 10 17:11:14 2009) New release of the Zip OCX, some small updates to make the ocx reflect the real address of the developer, click here to download

New release of the MP3 Encoder ocx (Thu Sep 10 16:47:27 2009) New release of the MP3 Encoder OCX, some small updates to make the ocx reflect the real address of the developer, click here to download

New release of the Tar-Gzip ocx (Thu Sep 10 16:08:52 2009) New release of the Tar-Gzip OCX, some small updates to make the ocx reflect the real address of the developer, click here to download

New release of the OGG Vorbis ocx (Thu Sep 10 15:28:31 2009) New release of the OGG Vorbis OCX, some small updates to make the ocx reflect the real address of the developer, click here to download

New release of the Gzip ocx (Thu Sep 10 14:31:31 2009) New release of the Gzip OCX, some small updates to make the ocx reflect the real address of the developer, click here to download

New release of the Encrypt ocx (Thu Sep 10 13:43:08 2009) New release of the Encrypt OCX, some small updates to make the ocx reflect the real address of the developer, click here to download

New release of the CD-DA ocx (Thu Sep 10 11:03:00 2009) New release of the CD-DA OCX, some small updates to make the ocx reflect the real address of the developer, click here to download

New release of the Bzip2(3) component (Thu Sep 10 10:29:27 2009) New release of the Bzip2 OCX, just some small modifications and updates, give it a try, click here to download

More elaborated sample project for the new Media component (Sun Sep 06 11:33:18 2009) A new sample project and a new release is available, now it has the minimum playback controls, future release will have more, give it a try, click here to download

New multi-media component (Sun Aug 30 21:23:22 2009) We are creating a new component to play all the supported media formats after installation of ffdshow, it is directx based, with this will be very easy to create customized players, release 0.0.1 is available, next release with have all the basic controls necessary, notice that it is .Net framework 2.0 based, click here to download

RSP MP3 OCX 3.3.1 released (Sun Aug 30 12:53:35 2009) Released a new version of the MP3 OCX after two years, sorry for the delay, lots of things need to be added yet to the next release that will be available soon, click here to download

New sample project to the MP3 DLL (Sun Aug 30 11:39:55 2009) Just adding more code to the sample project to the MP3 dll, soon it will be finished..., click here to download

Is time to update (Wed Aug 26 20:41:35 2009) Finally we got time to update our software and pages, sorry for the delay, you will see new releases soon, and if you are a friend and want to contribute purchase new licenses, it will help a lot
Two ways to capture the enter key in C# (10 August 2009) It will avoid the beep that occurs when enter is pressed

Geocities is dying (Thu a9_10_26) At 26 of october of 2009 our pages at geocities will vanish , what can I say ?, shukran...

'Programa de Locação de Temporada' new webpage (Sexta Julho 10 16:22:33 2009) Apresentação do Programa de Locação de Temporada


Clique aqui para visitar a pagina oficial deste programa.



Released a new simple, very useful browser, technology from Microsoft, (Thu a9_6_18) Simple small tiny browser with 8 kib uncompressed(requires.Net framework 3.5 or 2.0) that does exactly I need (we), maybe it is useful to my son, the CEO and maybe it will be useful to you too, I always hope since 69, unfortunatly nothing for for this wonderful moment, to download; or copy and paste this
Released a jpeg, gif, bmp, tif, png to jpeg converter in C# (Sun Jun 14 19;54;59 2009) After a lot of trouble searching for an advanced method to convert images to jpeg in small sizes and very good quality I (we) have released a C# source code with this encoder. It can convert all the Windows XP formats very well, notice that the extension .jfi is not directly supported in Windows XP, just rename it to jpeg. Feel free to send comments and bug reports, the deveoper, well , just clique aqui to download; or copy and paste this

'Programa de Locação de Temporada' new webpage (Wed Jun 03 17:55:00 2009) The application 'Programa de Locação de Temporada' has his own new website, please visit, touch here .

Problem with MP3 OCX 3.2.5 will be fixed soon (Sun Jun 14 11:56:19 2009) I am having some problems with time at this moment, but I will try to solve it as soon as I could, Arab ,

Problem with MP3 OCX 3.2.5 (Wed Jun 03 09:00:26 2009) The version 3.2.5 of the MP3 OCX may  crash depending on the number of instances used, fixes are required , we will try to provide the update in less than 48 hours, sorry for the problems

Build 2001 available (Sat Mar 28 15:17:51 2009 ) New Build available , of the MP3 DLL 1.0.0

Our own new Blog ( Thu Mar 26 08:01:32 2009  ) Visit and post to our new Blog at here

About the new method of distribution of licenses ( Thu Mar 26 08:01:32 2009  ) A new method of distribution of licenses will be used , now every shareware version can be modified to a licensed version with a user name and unlock code , it will make it more easy to use and distribute

Build 1998 available ( Tue Mar 0024 11:17:14 2009 ) A new release of the MP3 dll is available , documentation too , sorry for the lack of time to finish the sample and documentation , navigate here to download

Documentation of the new Dll (Sat Mar 21 08:42:10 2009) The first partial documentation of the new Dll will be available today , touch here to download

Homepage of the new Dll (Fri Mar 20 10:41:51 2009) The homepage of the new dlL is available , press the left button of your mouse over here ->.<- to visit


RSP MP3 DLL 1.0.0 decoders (Thu Mar 19 17:37:39 2009) First release of the new dll "rspmp3ocx1.dll"  , the C# sample project for the moment requires more work , but it is easy to be implemented , press the left button of the mouse over here to download

New decoder enhancement to our MP3 decoders (08:52 17/03/2009) We will add ffmpeg to our decoders to make it possible to decode the other formats , it will make it possible to our decoders to play all the ffmpeg supported formats , obviously it will requires the addition of a single file package with the DLL or OCX , it will be available soon

New MP3 decoder release (08:39 17/03/2009) We are converting the MP3 OCX to a single win32 DLL , it will be a more adequate option to XP and Vista , no VB6 runtime requirement , full multiplayer support , no OCX registration , the first release will be available in a few days , the name will be RSP MP3 DLL 1.0.0 , sample code will be available in C#

New MP3 OCX release (16:06 12/03/2009) A new release of the MP3 OCX is available , now it has a new decoder engine also , the Madlib , some people say that it is a better MP3 decoder , click exactly here to download

New home (11:11 03/03/2009) This is the new homepage of the Hurley project , click right here to visit

New logo (14:40 16/02/2009) This is the new logo of the 'Locação de Temporada' , look below to see , if you dare...

New release of the RSP MP3 OCX (14:40 16/02/2009) New version , now no limit in the number of instances , click right here to download , sorry for the wrong year in the picture above , will be fixed in the next release...

Email change (09/02/2009) The primary email has changed ,


RSP MP3 OCX 3.2.5 will be released soon (09/02/2009) A new version will be released with support to playback of playlists , click here to access the source code

Tools section (01/01/2009) A new section was added , there you will find the best programming tools available


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