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RSP Advanced Compressor OCX 1.0.4
Release date (Sat Oct 10 12:59:04 2009)

ActiveX OCX to compress files with an advanced compression format


2009-Oct-10  Arab  []
 * 1.0.4 - Added full long files support,
 (above 2gb)

What is new in the version 1.0.3 (Tue Sep 01 13:22:19 2009) Fixed a bug in the progress position, minor bugs fixed

What is new in the version 1.0.2 (25/Nov/2008): Added progress bar , modified the functions and interface , minor modifications



- Ability to compress and uncompress files using an advanced compression format

- It can compress better than gzip, zlib , zip or bzip2

- The compression engine is loaded dynamically in the process

- Ability to pause , resume and cancel the execution


Documentation of the RSP Advanced Compressor OCX 1.0.0


- Extract the files to an empty folder and register the ocx


- Remove the folder with the files


Operating System Compliance

Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Millenium , Windows NT 4.0(sp6a) , Windows 2000 , Windows XP


RSP Advanced Compressor OCX 1.0.3

RSP Advanced Compressor OCX 1.0.2

RSP Advanced Compressor OCX 1.0.0


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