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RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 2.0.1

Release date(Thu Sep 10 11:06:07 2009)


ActiveX OCX to list , test and extract audio or data from CD units and save as wav PCM files


What is new in the version 2.0.1 (Thu Sep 10 10:55:42 2009)Small updates and modifications, added executables to register and unregister the ocx

What is new in the version 2.0.0 b (2008) : Read readme.txt for more informations

What is new in the version 2.0.0 (Wed May 09 13:39:22 2007) :Fixed a bug in the control that make the ocx crash during the utilization of some of the apis exported , fixef a bug that will make the ocx crash during the termination of the application , removed the event that auto detect the cd change, it was not working as expected , in the future when the code work as expected it may be added again , removed the function that will select the aspi mode to be used , changing it requires a reinitialization of the dll that makes the aspi access , to avoid problems it was removed , notice also that the aspi access will make different ways to access the cd hardware and will use the first that is able to access and retrieve the cd information and data, this is an autodetection mode and work pretty well, minor bugs fixed

What is new in the version 1.5.0 (10/Jan/2005 11:34) : Fixed a bug that will make the control to use 100 percent of the processor time when extracting the track , added cd change detection event , modified the initialization of the aspi drivers to use the first valid detected and query to see whether it can access the drive until a valid device is found , older versions will only try the WNASPI32.DLL aspi driver , now it will try also the embedded Winnt aspi driver ( if available of course ) , added function to manually define what aspi driver will be used , added detection of the CD drive speed and transfer buffer , the sample project was modified to try to use the first detected CD drive automatically , fixed a bug that will leak memory , fixed bug about handles no being closed during initialization and termination of the control , minor other improvements , the upgrade is highly recommended

What is new in the version 1.1.0 (22/Mar/2004 08:40) : Fixed bug that will avoid the detection and list of a second or more cd units in the system , fixed a bug in the error handling routines , minor bugs fixed.

We have also an ActiveX OCX to encode wav files to OGG Vorbis or MP3 format , RSP OGG Vorbis Encode OCX 1.5.0



- Ability to test the CD hardware

- Ability to extract audio ( or data! ) and save as PCM wav file

- Ability to report information about the CD units hardware

- Ability to pause , resume and cancel the extraction execution

- The execution occurs in an additional thread running concurrently with the main thread



- Execute register_ocx.exe


- Execute unregister_ocx.exe


Documentation of the RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 2.0.0 Will be available soon

Documentation of the RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 1.1.0 in HTML Help format (.chm)


The sample project has partial documentation about the functions , their arguments and error codes

The sample project is always the best place to look to learn about the possibilities of the control

If you need any further information while the final documentation isnot available , just send email asking for the information

Operating System Compliance

Windows 95 ( not tested , requires different ASPI drivers from Adaptec , see below ) , Windows 98 , Windows Millenium , Windows NT 4.0(sp6a) , Windows 2000 , Windows XP

ASPI Driver Information

This control requires ASPI drivers installed in order to work

If for some unknown reason your system don't have yet the ASPI drivers installed , and it is not a Winnt based machine , then you need to download and install it in order to use this control

If during the initialization of the control an error occurs about the missing ASPI dlls , then you need to install the driver in order to use the control

Below is a link to access the Adaptec ASPI driver download page , there you will find all the latest available ASPI drivers for your version of Windows


For the following operating systems :

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows 2000

Microsoft Windows Millennium

Microsoft Windows 98

Microsoft Windows NT

This is the link to download the ASPI drivers : Adaptec ASPI Package Downloads 

For Microsoft Windows 95

This is the link to download the ASPI drivers : Adaptec ASPI Package Downloads





All our software is also available to download from Winsite , click here to access our Winsite page

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RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 2.0.1

RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 2.0.0 b link 1

RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 2.0.0 link 1

RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 1.1.0

RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 1.0.0 download link removed


This control is available to register at Shareit! , click in the link below to register

After the registration the licensed version will be emailed to you , thanks for considering the registration

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