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RSP Floppy Format OCX 1.0.0

Release date (Tue Oct 02 16:51:35 2007)

ActiveX OCX to format floppies and removable disks

What is new in the version 1.0.0 (Tue Oct 02 16:51:35 2007) :This OCX uses the same files that are used by windows to format drives , it can check and mark bad sectors , can pause and resume the execution and it report the bytes available after format , it is very easy to use with good error handlings


It can format floppy disks and removable media like Zip drives

It can mark bad sectors and provide pause and resume features

Operating System Compliance

Windows NT 4.0 , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Vista


The documentation will be available soon


- To install the control just execute setup.exe and follow the instructions

- To uninstall the control , search for the package in the add/remove applications in the controle panel , and select remove , it will remove the control from the system




All our software is also available to download from Winsite , click here to access our Winsite page

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RSP Floppy Format OCX 1.0.0 link 0


This control is available to register at Shareit! , click in the link below to register

After the registration the licensed version will be emailed to you , thanks for considering the registration

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