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RSP GZip DLL 0.0.1
Release date (Sat Sep 19 17:51:13 2009)

gzip dll

Win32 DLL to compress files in the standard Gzip format and also the new Gzip2 format


What is new (Thu Sep 10 14:11:26 2009) Small modifications to reflect the changes

What is new (2008) : Read readme.txt for more informations

What is new (Tue Nov 13 21:44:04 2007) : Added a new powerfull compression method , the Gzip2 ,  this new format can compress files as large as  2^63 bytes or 9.223.372.036 gigabytes and has also MD5 as the integrity check , and it is faster than the old Gzip method , due to the release of this format there is no reason to use the old Gzip method , minor bugs fixed

What is new (Mon Aug 15 13:45:41 2005) : Added a property to control the return of the execution only after the execution of the compression or decompression , fixed a bug in the pause and resume functions , older version may not pause but only run slowly , minor bugs fixed 

What is new (Mon Aug 08 17:52:17 2005) : Added more error handling to ensure the integrity of the compression or decompression , it has the error 14 and error 15 , minor bugs fixed

What is new (07/Apr/2004 14:39) : Added verification of the integrity of the uncompressed data , now the control will inform whether the CRC32 of the uncompressed data is equal to the stored CRC32 of the gzip file , in case of an integrity error a new error 14 "Data error , CRC32 don't match" will be raised , modified also the sequence of raise of events in the end of execution , now the last event raised is the Finished event, we want to thanks Joe for the information about the problems , the upgrade is highly recommended

Gzip files can be created with or without CRC32 verification support , the modification added to the version 1.4.5 only apply to gzip files that has the CRC32 enabled on it , and this control will always generate gzip files with the CRC32 enabled

What is new (13/Feb/2004 12:59) : Added code to make the code execution return only when the execution terminate , it may avoid confusion during the utilization of the controls , with the modification the control will be more easy to use , the property is WaitExecution , and all controls released in the future will have functions to make the code return only when the task is finished , minor bugs fixed

What is new (05/Feb/2004 11:45) Added CPU detection code , enhanced speed execution in a magnitude of 10 to 15 percent when running on new processors , added more error handlings , added code execution block when running the compression or decompression to avoid the same function being executed concurrently , minor bugs fixed.


- Ability to compress and uncompress standard Unix Gzip files and also Gzip2 files

- Ability to compress in the new Gzip2 format , with a file size limit of 2^63 bytes and using MD5 as the file integrity check

- The code is optimized for new processors , it is the fastest compression tool that we have available at this moment

- The compression engine is loaded dynamically in the process

- Ability to pause , resume and cancel the execution


Documentation of the RSP GZip DLL 0.0.1 will be available soon



- Extract the files to an empty folder, open the project in C#

Operating System Compliance

Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Millenium , Windows NT 4.0(sp6a) , Windows 2000 , Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


RSP GZip DLL 0.0.1 build 0002
RSP GZip DLL 0.0.1 build 0002

RSP GZip DLL 0.0.1


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