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RSP Media OCX 2.0.1

Release date (Fri Jun 06 09:32:00 2008)

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ActiveX OCX to play multi-media files


What is new in the version 2.0.1 (Fri Jun 06 09:32:00 2008) Vista compliant , minor modifications , now the embedded dll is external

What is new in the version 1.7.4 (Sat Mar 18 10:51:36 2006) Added playback speed change , don't work for all media files , minor modifications

What is new in the version 1.7.0 (Wed Feb 08 09:19:12 2006) Added option to define the initial position and end position of the playback, only work for movie files , minor other modifications

What is new in the version 1.6.0 (Tue Sep 13 11:01:08 2005) Added option to get and set the playback position based on milliseconds ,only work for movie files, minor bugs fixed

What is new in the version 1.5.0 (01/Mar/2005 14:41) Added events to catch KeyUp and MouseUp , added Enabled property , it is required in order to make controls behind the media control to receive the events , an example is drag and drop support , notice that when the media control has the Enabled set to false it will not receive or raise any event send to it , it will just pass it to the window of the control or form behind it , if it have a control behind it then it will receive the information , if only a form is behind it then the form will receive the event , this is exactly what the Enabled means , it defines whether it will raise or receive events from the system , modified the fullscreen sample project , a call to close the media file was missing in the form6 , it can cause the sample to crash and unload the whole project , modified the SetVolumeGain function, now the value range from 0 to 100 and not from 0 to 10 anymore , minor other modifications

What is new in the version 1.4.0 (28/Feb/2005 19:01) Added two functions to disable and enable the update of the slider during seek , now the seek is based in the MouseUp and MouseDown event of the slider , it will provide a more professional way to seek since it will only initiate the seek process in the MouseUp event , and the slider will change the position of the pointer when you are scrolling the slider , check the sample project to see ow it is implemented, removed the PlayFullScreen function , there is not reason to keep a function that may generate unexpected bugs due to the bad implementation of the fullscreen support added by Microsoft , now in order to play at fullscreen a new sample project was added , this way using only the standard playback MCI method it is possible to construct a fully functional fullscreen playback , added also the EnableCursor and DisableCursor functions , it was added to support the fullscreen implementation their function is self descriptive , modified some window resize code to make the movies to fit entirely on the screen based on the size of the usercontrol , older versions will not show the last pixels in the screen , despite the problem being almost imperceptible it is fixed in this version , some other minor modifications , thanks to Jerzy for reporting some problems and asking for the new features , due to this request is that we have found the MCI fullscreen problem

What is new in the version 1.3.0 (28/Feb/2005 14:13) Fixed bug in the function to set the volume , modified the amount of time between the raise of the progress event , added click and doubleclick event support , fixed problem in the control that will not receive events from the form where it was located , added support to set the border style of the control , fixed the auto adjust of the control when the movie resize the window , now it will not show the back of the control when it is resized dynamically , modified also everything that is related to the original size of the movie and the size of the control , now it will always adjust perfectly , discovered a problem in MCI regarding fullscreen playback , the problem is that after the playback in the fullscreen mode the MCI will not report correctly the end of the playback , it will be in some cases less than the whole size of the media file , notice that it is a problem in the Microsoft MCI implementation not in the control , the control is just accessing the information that the MCI is providing , in this case , when the problem occur the last playback position after a fullscreen playback the end of the playback will be less than the size of the media file , the sample project has a suggestion to a workaround to the problem , the idea is to resize the form to the size of the screen( 800x600 in my case ) and force the size of the movie to this size , it will fill the whole screen with the movie , and if the correct aspect ratio is desired , just change the color of the form to black and insert the control exactly in the middle of the form , I am sure that it is exactly the way that the Media Player and ActiveMovie is doing the fullscreen playback , if we have time we will implement it as a new sample to help people generating movie based applications that require fullscreen playback , for the moment be careful using it since it will not raise the Finished event after a failed fullscreen playback , many other small modifications also

What is new in the version 1.2.0 (06/Nov/2004 11:08) Added equalizer capabilities and preamplifier , notice that the equalizer don't work with some file formats , it has 10 bands and a +-14 db of gain per band , added selection of the media playback mode based on the extension or by media type, in the rest the interface is the same as the version 1.0.0, minor bugs fixed


The control can play avi , wav and mid files , and depending on the codecs installed it can play mpeg , mp1 , mp2 , mp3 , mpa and mov files and include also all other supported formats available as installed mci drivers

You can select the wave out device that will play wav files , and list the name of installed wave out devices

The playback of movie files can be played with the original detected size or with a pre-defined size

The control can play in fullscreen mode

Support to seek in all the supported formats

Support to playback in repeat mode for movie files

It has events to detect the end of playback and report of errors with description



Documentation of the RSP Media OCX 1.6.0 will be available soon

Documentation of the RSP Media OCX 1.6.0

Documentation of the RSP Media OCX 1.5.0

Documentation of the RSP Media OCX 1.0.0


- To install the control , open the package and execute setup.exe , it will initialize the installation execution of the control

- To uninstall the control , search for the package in the add/remove applications in the control panel , and select remove , it will remove the control from the system

Operating System Compliance

Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Millenium , Windows NT 4.0(sp6a) , Windows 2000 , Windows XP



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RSP Media OCX 2.0.1 link 1

RSP Media OCX 1.7.4 link 1

RSP Media OCX 1.2.0 link 2


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