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RSP Virtual Drive 1.0.0

Release date (Wed Oct 10 20:37:23 2007)

Application to create and remove virtual drives on the system 


- It can add as many drives in the system as the number of drive letters available

- It will map long folders to drive letters 

- It can save the list of virtual drives and load them up at windows start up , very easy to use 

- More features to be added in the future version

How to use the application 

How to create a virtual drive : 

1 - Start the application , click in the drive selection and select a drive letter , the application starts with a "Z" on it

2 - Click 'Select folder' and find a path that you want to map to the new virtual drive

3 - Click 'Create' , it will initiate the process , if everything went ok the drive letter and mapped folder will appear in the listbox in the middle of the form . if something go wrong a error in the bottom of the form will appear with the description of the error , the format of the error is first a sequence number that increase with each execution , then a error number , if 0 no error occurred , if not 0 then an error occurred and the description of the error will appear too

4 - If you select a drive letter 'Z' , with a path name 'c:\backup' , then if the program execute correctly an information in the middle of the form will appear like this "Z: Mounted c:\backup" , like the image above

How to remove a virtual drive:

 1 - If you have already mapped the drive in the application , then just click in the middle of the form on the name of the virtual drive then click 'Unmount selected' , if the program is able to unmount the drive then in the bottom of the form a return code will appear as 0 and with a string 'Drive unmounted'

 2 - If you have already mapped some virtual drives on the system but they are not visible in the application then click the menu 'Options' , then 'Remove virtual drive' , it will bring up a form with a drive letter selection and a button , just select the drive to unmount and click the button

How to make the virtual drives load at windows boot up :

1 - Just create some virtual drives with the instructions above then check the checkbox labeled 'Mount virtual drives on start up' , it will instruct the operating system to load the application in the background , create the virtual drives and exit

How to make the virtual drives don't load at windows boot up :

1 - Just start up the application and uncheck the label 'Mount virtual drives on start up' , notice that when the option to create the drives at windows boot up is enabled then when the application starts it will show the virtual drives selected to load , you can remove all the mapped drives or just uncheck the option to run at windows  boot up

Operating System Compliance

Windows 98 ,
Windows NT 4.0 , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Vista


- To install the application just execute setup.exe and follow the instructions

- To uninstall the application
, search for the package in the add/remove applications in the control panel , and select remove , it will remove the application from the system




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This application
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